Redefine mobility in your country.

Ermöglichen Sie Patienten in Ihrem Land diebestmögliche Entlastung und Mobilisierung
Die ORTHOSCOOT GmbH ist ein international agierendes und stark wachsendes Unternehmen imBereich Medizintechnik und stets offen für neueImpulse und Partner.

You too can benefit from the special B2B offers and become an ORTHOSCOOT partner.

The benefits for you
  • They support your discharge management and increase your efficiency in the day-to-day running of your clinic / practice.
  • The ORTHOSCOOT makes medical sense and enables mobility and independence.
  • The patients move independently without the help of third parties.
  • You ensure optimised work processes while your patients feel comfortable "at eye level".
Dr. Per-Henrik Agren

Dr. Per-Henrik Ågren M.D.

Sophiahemmet, Stockholm, Sweden

„ With the introduction of ORTHOSCOOT the orthopedic scooter was taken to a higher level. The function, finish, handling and general appearance is further improved to existing models. We find them very useful for almost all patients that are not supposed to put weight on their feet after surgery. In fact they make it possible, also to treat more severely disabled patients with balance problems and complicated handicaps like after amputations of arms. I am therefore convinced, that knee-walkers or similar walking-aids are superior to crutches and wheel-chairs for a long time.
An other reason, why we choosed the ORTHOSCOOT is their cleaning- and maintaining concept they do on each single scooter. I am happy to be able to offer the ORTHOSCOOT to my patients.“

Dr. Gregory Berlet

Dr. Gregory C. Berlet, MD

Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Center, Columbus Ohio, USA

„The ORTHOSCOOT is the next generation of non-weight bearing protection offering comfort, convenience and the ultimate in protection for the injured limb. German engineering, known for its excellence in the automotive industry, is now available to the Orthopedic community in the ORTHOSCOOT.“

Dr. Francois Linz

Dr. François Lintz

Clinic of the Union - General Ramsay Health, Saint-Jean, France

„I think that ORTHOSCOOT is the future of post-operative and post-traumatic mobility for the lower limb. Staying tuned with their work and family environment, not being bed or seat ridden is the best contribution to our patients feeling of empowerment during their recovery and thus, their healing process.“

Dr. Hans-Jörg Trnka

Univ. Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Trnka

Fusszentrum, Wien, Austria

„The ORTHOSCOOT convinces with design and function. It represents a practical alternative to crutches and the bulky wheelchair. It is particularly useful for patients who can not use crutches because of shoulder problems. The Orthoscoot promotes early independence after surgery, thereby contributing significantly to the quality of life during an already stressfull period. Some patients were skeptical before surgery, but once they were restricted after surgery they were convinced by the ORTHOSCOOT, after their first attempt.“

Dr. Christian Sommer

Dr. med. Christian Sommer

DrSommer FussClinic, Luzern und Zürich, Schweiz

„After a successful foot surgery one major goal is a quick postoperative mobilization and to get the patient back on track of independence as fast as possible. For all foot surgeries which require crutches, the ORTHOSCOOT is a big help to reach those goals. Keep your radius of activity and reduce the loss of working hours. This will although relieve your relatives and supports a proper convalescence. Our experience shows, even older people quickly get used to the ORTHOSCOOT without foreign aid. One big benefit is although the less effort of the upper extremities. The ORTHOSCOOT is an important medical tool for operational success and patient satisfaction.“


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